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How Does Our Club Become Affiliated?
This is one question we're often asked. Any Volkswagen club that supports our mission of furthering our hobby can become a Chapter Club of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. Starting a Volkswagen club is much easier than you think and the process of receiving a VVWCA club designation is even easier yet. The process begins by attending various VW related events in your area and seeking to find out who might be interested in helping you start up a VW club. A failure of many auto clubs is that they often become "male" oriented. Don't do this; make sure you include the entire family. Wives, girlfriends, patents, grandparents and children help foster the growth of club activities. Work to create a set of club guidelines or rules, but … be flexible.

Very few of your rules should be cast in stone. A good club is a club that continually changes based on the needs and likes of their membership. A good club has a set of values that they try to adhere by. A good club is responsive to the input they receive from their members. A good club subscribes to the concept that there are no color barriers. Black, white, yellow or otherwise … everyone is invited to join. As well, membership should be based primarily on the individual and not because of the condition of the car they drive. Last but not least, the success of a club can always be measured by how well club members get to know and interact with each other.

Whether your club has 8 members or more, making an application for a Chapter Club designation is very straightforward.


  • Application for Chapter Club designation along with a registration fee of $225.00, valid through September 30, 2014. Registration fee covers application processing costs and 6 Electronic E-Edition memberships to the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. (Memberships to be awarded by the designated Chapter Club or can be resold to generate non-dues revenue.) Application and fees must be received prior to May 1. Application fees received after the deadline will be accessed an application fee of $290.00. NOTE: Membership certificates may be redeemed by non-members only and cannot be used for active member re-newals and/or or extensions.
  • Club President and/or Vice President agrees to serve as state representatives for the VVWCA.
  • Club President and Vice President must be members in good standing of the VVWCA for a term of no less than 1 year.
  • Designated Chapter Club agrees to adhere to the objectives/mission of the VVWCA.


Chapter Clubs have the opportunity throughout the course of the year to earn "CASH BACK" rewards for the submission of event news stories published in the Vintage Voice. Cash payments will be awarded as follows for:

  • Annual Club Event(s)
    $30.00 each. 650 words min. 8 high-resolution photos required (min)
  • Club Outings (Picnics, Holiday Parties, Fun Run, etc)
    $15.00 each. 400 words min. 3 high-resolution photos required (min)
  • Member Profiles--Tech Tips
    $10.00 each. 300 words min. 2 high-resolution photos required (min)
  • Club Fund Raising Events
    $10.00 each. 300 words min. 2 high-resolution photos required (min)

Chapter Clubs have the opportunity to earn back Chapter Club bonus bucks over the course of the calendar year for story submissions up to a total of $100.00.

Note: other provisions/requirements may apply, please contact us for additional information at CLICK HERE.

*Original submissions for reprint in the Vintage Voice must be submitted on behalf of the club by the President or/an or Vice President of the designated chapter club. All submissions must include the full name of the author, address and email address.


  • $1,000,000 Limited Liability Insurance the majority of most club events. Minimum club association with the VVWCA of 9 months is required before club may benefit from VVWCA limited liability umbrella clause. Certificate of Insurance provided upon request. 40 day notice required. Umbrella insurance policy good through October 16
  • Chapter club contact information listed on VVWCA website
  • NEW VVWCA memberships available to Chapter Club at discounted rates.
  • FREE 1/4 page advertisement in the Vintage Voice to promote CHAPTER CLUB's primary event.
  • Other benefits to be announced

CHAPTER clubs must make application annually for their charter designation prior to May 30. CHAPTER club's charter runs from fiscally from January 1 through December 31.

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