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Tach-O-Meter Static Cling Decal

It took a bit of engineering, but we're pleased to offer in limited quantity, a recreation from 1957. This static cling decal attaches to the glass face of your speedometer. providing you with the shifting points and RPMs for each gear. This novelty item will be the talk of you all your friends.

To be honest, we have no idea. All we know is that this accessory dates back to 1957. The Speed-O-Tach was nothing more than a decal that was applied to the front glass of your speedometer. A few years ago a VW friend of ours showed us the Speed-O-Tach as illustrated in the first photo in it's original condition. We photographed it from several perspectives and set the aside. A couple of years ago, another VW friend of our helped recreate the faceplate. We had decided that decals were inconvenient and difficult to reapply if you were off just a tad So, we explored the possibilities of creating a static cling application.

We studied measurements very carefully and reproduced the original decal as it would have been available back in 1957.

When applied, the Speed-O-Tach recommends shifting points for each gear at various speeds. Is it 100% accurate? You be the judge. Regardless, it's a great novelty now reproduced in limited quantities for the very first time since the 1950s.

Application is easy: clean off your speed-o-face and apply the static cling Speed-O-Tach. It can be removed at anytime you would like.

It's cool, it's different and it's inexpensive, and it will fit any 80-90 mile per hour flat-faced VW speedo (note: late model years may need some minor trimming). Does not fit Super Beetle speedometers.


Old Tach Decal
New Tach Decal
Decal Mounted
Original decal
Recreated decal
Installed decal