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Welcome to the home of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. We're an association of individuals who largely own air-cooled Volkswagens of all shapes and sizes. Though our focus is primarily the air-cooled Volkswagen, we invite any Volkswagen owner of any year to join our club. If you own a Vintage Volkswagen and believe in driving your VW as we do, we're sure you'll find something of interest here for you.

From the President’s column

Howdy from the blistering Midwest! How hot is it? That went out with Johnny Carson. Had a great car show here a few weeks ago and I was able to make it, slowly but made it. In past years it's been held at 125 registrations but this year it was opened to 200 and we filled it easily. More on that!

I want to thank all of our chapters and mention the new ones. Los Angeles Chapter of the VVWCA, New Orleans Air Coolers, Rare Air Dub Club from Colorado, VW Club of Austin, and the Long Island Chapter of the VVWCA, welcome all of you and thank you to all the chapters for getting their dues in on time, we have 23 paid chapters of the VVWCA, that's great! You can find information on them on our website and maybe their close to you and can help you with finding a place to call home for a club or a show to go to. Also, check the Face Book page for updates on shows around the country put on by our chapters, I don't run all the time and it's kind of hard to catch them since it's a busy site, but I try to put them up often.

I also want to thank all of you who have sent in photos and stories for the VintageVoice, no, we didn't lose them, it just takes time get them in and when you're bi-monthly, it seems forever, so please be patient, but once again, thank you and please, don't stop!

I said an awful lot in the last issue and we have to make a decision of one kind or another. Like myself, there are a lot of members who have been with us a long time and we like the print issue, so if we're going to keep it and make it work for the financially, starting January 2019, we will go to a quarterly newsletter of 40 pages for the same cost of $24.00 a year. There is one more option, help us get more membership and drive the costs down! Even people joining for an electronic newsletter would help tremendously. And that's only $12 a year with all other benefits.

I apologize, but I'm going to make this a shorty this issue, my mind is elsewhere right now, but I'll be back to like new with the next issue, I promise. Enjoy your summer and keep your membership current, we have some great material to put out, wish we were doing 40 pages now! Your expiration date can be found above your name next to your member number on your mailing label. I apologize, we do not send out reminder cards. Once again, have fun. Keep it real, Mike

Michael Epstein
VVWCA President


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