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VW Accessories

Deluxe 4-Color Bumper Badge – Back in Stock!

The face of this Deluxe 4-Color Commemorative Bumper Badge measures 3 inches in diameter. The badge will fit many standard bumper badge brackets with the addition of our Adapter Plate. Mount it to your glove-box as a dash plaque or mount it elsewhere on your VW. This is the same as the Ultra Deluxe Badge we used to carry but with different mounting using 2 screws.

Badge with Adapter Plate: $42.95
Badge with Adapter Plate and Bumper Bracket: $65.90
Shipping Included


Brass Bumper Badge

Called “Plate Mates,” Back in stock and higher quality! “Plate Mates are carefully crafted from high-quality heavy brass. They are gold plated and finished with a clear gloss baked epoxy for a long lasting, high-shine finish.” Fits nicely behind your right or left license plate screw and license plate or can be mounted using our stainless steel bumper bracket. Add our Bumper Bracket for an additional $28.95 $22.95.

Badge : $26.95
Badge & Bumper Bracket: $48.90


Stainless Steel Bumper Bracket
2 Parts Back in Stock!  

To be used with our Deluxe Bumper Badges or Brass Plate Mates. To be used with our Deluxe Bumper Badges or Brass Plate Mates. Two-piece design fits around your rear or front bumper bracket and allows you to attach your Bumper Badge to it. Stands 7” above bumper bracket, plus the height of the badge. Made of Stainless Steel, hardware not included! Fits early bumper brackets ’67 and back.


Adapter Plate

For use with Deluxe 4-Color Bumper Badge to mount on Stainless Steel Bumper Bracket.