Vintage VW Club of America

A Network for Vintage VW Enthusiasts – Est. 1976

Vintage Volkswagen Club of America

For anyone interested in all models, makes, and years of Volkswagens.

Welcome to the website of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America. We’re an association of individuals who largely own air-cooled Volkswagens of all shapes and sizes. Though our focus is primarily the air-cooled Volkswagen, we invite any Volkswagen owner of any year to join our club. If you own a Vintage Volkswagen and believe in driving your VW as we do, we’re sure you’ll find something of interest here for you.


From the President

Lots of changes for the VVWCA. All good, of course!

First and most important, I want to thank Mike for all his years of service to the VVWCA. He has been a great President and he personally saved the club years ago. Without Mike’s leadership, the VVWCA would not exist. I am honored that he asked me to take the lead as President. Mike is not going anywhere. As you read in his article, he is going to stay on the VVWCA board and be very active. If you know Mike or see him at a show, please thank him!

Second, please welcome our new East Vice President of the VVWCA,  Eric Lykens. And Our West Vice President of the VVWCA,  Kathy Jacobs Sevwa.

Third, VVWCA update. We currently have 35 Chapters of the VVWCA all over the country. We have over 40,000 members on our Facebook group page. Our page gets over 160,000 views a month. In the past month we had over 25,000 comments on our page. It is a very active group of VW lovers who help each other with VW related communication. The VVWCA spends a lot of time prompting our VW hobby and supporting our clubs. If you are a president of one of our chapters or a board member and we have not met, please contact me. I would like to meet everyone and help you any way I can.

Lastly, we are planning a new annual VVWCA event for 2020. We hope this event will be an annual tradition that lets our members form all over the country make a trip to get together and enjoy our VW’s. We have partnered with Mark Ulves at the Vdub Hub and he is going to Chair the event. Watch for more information about this event soon. We want to give everyone time to plan your vacation for next year.

Just as a reminder, the VVWCA is Free to join. If you are a member of one of our Chapters or just a VW fan, please join the club. You can do this on our website. Also, the VVWCA only source of income is support from our Chapters and our products store. Please order a VVWCA item form our website and help support the club. Thank you.

Eric Goodman