New Product! Very limited quantity!

VW Flower Power Decals, 1969

In March 1968, Disney Studios made the first Herbie movie. It was an instant success and everyone loved the little Beetle with a personality. It didn’t take long for VWoA to realize that having a hit show that features a Beetle with an attitude in it would generate so much attention.

The VVWCA has procured the last known existing NOS stock of these flowers from the original designer hired by VWoA in Mahwah, NJ at the time, Jesse Califano. These 46 sets were the overrun of the very first 1500 piece order from April 1969 which only lasted a few weeks before a 50,000 piece order was placed.

Once these are gone, that’s it, so get yours now, if you’re a Herbie collector or a Love Child from the late 60s, you have to have a set or three!  3 color combinations only, 7 ¼” in diameter. Price includes shipping with stiff boards for protection. $25.00 a set. Members of course get their 10% off if you use the Member’s Only area checkout to purchase.


Window Decal

Sometimes it’s amazing what a small decal can do for such a small and wonderful car. No, this decal will not increase your horsepower, but it will let you friends and neighbors know that you’re a proud supporter of the VVWCA.


Tach-O-Meter Static Cling Decal

It took a bit of engineering, but we’re pleased to offer in limited quantity, a recreation from 1957. This static cling decal attaches to the glass face of your 80 mph speedometer providing you with the shifting points and RPMs for each gear. This novelty item will be the talk of you all your friends.

Shipping is included.

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