Clubs & Representatives

Clubs and Representatives

The VVWCA is the source for information pertaining to out-of-production Volkswagens. We serve as an international resource for those seeking information on air-cooled VWs. Volkswagen of America and other industry related magazines often refer to our club when they need information as well. We are the only source you’ll need if you’re planning to buy an old Volkswagen. Our members have been restoring Volkswagens for many years, and can provide you many resources for the preservation or restoration of your beloved car.


The general objective of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America is the furtherance and promotion of the following items through its members who are joined and mutually pledged to the VVWCA.

  • The enjoyment and sharing of goodwill and fellowship engendered by owning or showing interest in a vintage Volkswagen automobile, and/or related memorabilia, and engaging in such social or other events as may be agreeable to the membership.
  • The interchange of ideas and suggestions with other Volkswagen clubs throughout the world and in such cooperation as may be mutually beneficial to their membership and ours within the VVWCA.
  • The maintenance of the highest standards of restoration and operation of vintage Volkswagens by sharing and exchanging historical, technical, and mechanical information among the membership.
  • The highest standards of courtesy and safety on the road and at any auto-related events.

Any VW Club that supports the restoration and furtherance of our air-cooled hobby is certainly a friend of ours. You’ll find below, a list of all those VW Clubs we call friends who have continued to support our mission.