Thank You For Joining the VVWCA

We are very happy to have you join us.  We hope your membership brings you years of VW culture and knowledge.

You will soon receive an email with your password to access all Vintage Voice newsletters.

While I have your attention . . . 

And this is just a crazy thought, what if you were to become a VVWCA Pro Member?

Now, hear me out.  I have it on good authority that some of our Pro Members believe VVWCA Pro Membership is as close to ‘heaven on earth’ as you can get.  While I’m not sure about that, why not find out for yourself?

The benefits of VVWCA Pro Membership are numerous:

  • Priceless Bragging Rights
  • Receive the beautifully printed, award winning, Vintage Voice newsletter/magazine every 2 months for a full year!  It is mailed directly to your address, though NOT in a plain brown wrapper.  Perhaps it should be, as demand is very high
  • 10% (not 5%, not 9%, but 10%) off every item in the VVWCA online store, the Regalia Shop, where you will find untold treasures
  • Additional Pro Level Member only discounts on magazines, parts, insurance and other, high demand, goodies

All the above for a piddling $30/year.  However, beware the Ides of March! On March 15th, we must raise our annual Pro Membership price to $35 because, you know, the world.

However. today, at the $30/year price, you are only talking $2.50/month! 8.2 cents/day! Or, .00342465 cents per hour!
That’s less than the cost of a candy bar once a month!  And we are calorie free!!

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